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Best holiday everrrr


It’s hard to chose what picture tell its best but i kinda like these pose.

So, it has been a loooooong holiday for Anelka since he got almost 2 months break πŸ˜‚ But i guess we managed to make the best out of it because he said this is the best holiday everrrrrr… Yeaaayy πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Started with a nearest place to go.
I enrolled him to join a short class activities such as architect, an illustrator on the next day, and chef on the other day.

Hmm long story short, this is some activities Anelka’s been doing for the past 2 months. Maybe you can use it as an inspiration for next year holiday. Please note that Anelka is 5 years old when i wrote this post.

1. Went to Team Lab Future Park at Plaza Indonesia twice with a different group of friends.

2. Joined architect class and learnt how to build a house dummy along with its interior design also.

3. Joined an illustrator class and being told what is a job as an illustrator and how they do it. Plus they taught the kids how to draw a transportation themed for the boys and put their drawing inside a frame.

4. Went to a cooking class. Turned out that day is a cupcake baking day. They made it from scratch and decorated the cake as they want. Of course Anelka made a very cutie thing. Those 3 activities comes from @dya_hobbiesclass .

5. Played bowling at Artha Gading Mall, Kelapa Gading. I think that’s the nearest place from my house. And we did this couple of times because the kids were craving some more πŸ˜… There’s couples of choice of bowling area. Spin city bsd, plaza festival kuningan, jaya club ancol and ummm i couldn’t remember right now, sorry πŸ˜‚
This is not his first time to played bowling. But it’s been toooo long i forgot this sport.

6. To the Driving Range. We did it at Persada golf, Halim. We always played there because we’re very familiar with the surrounding. Make sure you bring you’re own kid’s stick. Because they don’t have it for rent. I bought online at olx i guess. It’s second but with a good condition.

7. To the bank!! Every Lebaran, the kids were suddenly ‘rich’ haha.. They have to split their money into spending, giving and saving. I want them to always remember those 3 things. So we went to the bank, opened new account for Ameesha, put their money there and also bongkar celengan yang sudah penuh untuk disetor ke bank juga 😍

8. This is one of the best holiday part regarding what Anelka’s said EFK (Engineering for Kids)!! Last year he also joined EFK but the excitement was totally different. Maybe depends on theme we chose. Or his level of understanding are increasing. This year we’re choosing Fun City theme.
The program was designed for 5 days, 3hours a day. On the last day, they can bring all the stuff they’ve made to home.
The simple stuff like power boat, paddle boat, motorcycle mayhem, etc made from a junk πŸ˜…
He’s reallyyyy loveee it and ask me frequently why he’s not coming to EFK again? Because simple and fun science are very great for kids. I really really hope Anelka’s school will consider to take this program for their extra curriculum because this EFK are expanding very fast. Last year they only have 1 branch at Kelapa Gading area but this year almost 6 branch! The sixth branch will be opened at Gading Serpong Area in a short time. Couples of school having them for extra curricular activity also because the programs are really fun. Using a simple physics theory buy can explain moreee things to our daily life ❀️

9. To the museums. This part quite makes me sad. I ultra jealous with London’s! Went to Museum Nasional and i got bored. They don’t have some interactive media or something related to the exhibition it self. Just plain. But their half building still under renovation. I hope something exiting going. We also went to Museum Fatahillah because Anelka is eager to know what a dungeon looks like πŸ˜‚

10. Melrimba Garden, Puncak.
They have ATV, horse riding, small outbond, big outbond, fishing, swan paddle boat, and archery.
Just tried the archery for the first time and he turned out good. This little man is never stop to amazed me. This thing leads me to enrolled an archery course near our house area 🀣

11. Archery course from Blue Feather Archery. Every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. You can take 1-3x a week. The price are different.

12. Inline skate school with Bekasi Inlineskate. The place is very close to our place, but no beginner treated as a beginner here πŸ˜… They’re very serious on practicing. No wonder many of their kids become a real athlete.

13. Cycling and picnicking at Ecopark, Ancol. The place is so greeny. The breeze quit fresh rather than our everyday breathing 😜 They also have a flying fox, swan paddle boat, paint ball and the newest is Fauna Land.

14. Fauna Land. 50k/pax, Ameesha is also count. Mini zoo that has a Lion Feeding πŸ˜‚ Quite rare. But the animals are not much. They’d built a huge komodo/crocodile building for a reptile area and once they’re open i guess the ticket price will get higher.
Actually as i wrote on my Instagram post, i don’t like the feeling being at the zoo. Somehow it gives me a depressed feeling.

15. Watched live football game on Stadion Patriot Bekasi. Fortunately, the place is very close to our place. The Match is also quite popular. Persija vs RCD Espanyol, the club from Spain. Because GBK is under renovation so every Persija game mostly played at Stadion Bekasi.

16. Ameesha was joined Holiday Program at soon will be her school. The program are designed for 2 weeks but she just joined for a week because we’ve planned some thing else. I’ve never assigned Anelka to join holiday program at his school because i think the world are to big to just join at the same place that he will spend a year of his days there πŸ˜…
But Ameesha is different. She’s so unpredictable. I need to make sure that she’s okay with her new school but surprisingly it turned out good. I leave her in her class, i’ve waited outside and she’s good.
She’s even not joining the toddler class but nursery. 1 year older than her because she’s so settled and independent. Sorry for the earlier underestimated thinking, sweet heart.

17. One of the most awaited event during this holiday, watch Chelsea live in Singapore Stadium!! There’s an international champions cup, the nearest are held in Singapore. Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan. We managed to watch Chelsea vs Bayern Munich. The kids were super excited. They even sang the Chelsea song over and over again since 2 weeks before this event πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

18. To Yayoi Kusama art exhibition in Singapore together with Children Biennale. Omg i’m so impressed. Yayoi is so genius. Event this exhibit not destinate for kids but Anelka was really enjoyed the installations. Everything are soooo beautiful. Children Biennale is also awesome. I’m so jealous Singapore is having so much space to accomodate the artsy thingy.

19. The best part of all, Legoland Johor, Malaysia. Tough i think this place is ordinary but Anelka is so loving this place. We’re also stayed at their hotel. Suddenly everything are lego-ish i felt like thrown to the world of Lego. We’re not even came out from the Legoland when Anelka asked “ibu, kira2 kita kapan sih ke Legoland lagi? Yang paling besar ada di negara mana ya, aku mau kesana” πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Just keep it on your prayer, bud 😘

20. To enclosed the holiday, 2 days before the school had started, he’s joining the Mini Triathlon for kids!! Aaakk this is his first time ever i’m sooo proud of him!!
He did 50m swim, 1,8km cycling and 1km running. Finished strong and asked for more, i couldn’t help but cried πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I will post about this event because it’s so special for us ❀️

Oh i guess that’s the hi lite πŸ˜‚ He also played at his friends’s houses, attend to his friend’s birthday at Kidzoona, playdate at the mall 1x with his forever friend Derrick because i had to go to that mall to pick up the race pack for triathlon.

Last two months, we’re really not going to the mall except for bought some milk at supermarket then straight home. I’m not at my best condition during last holiday so i’m avoiding mall πŸ™ˆ Also, i wouldn’t be able to do alllll those stuff above without mas Anvid and mbak helping me. Thank you, guys 😘

I’ve tried my best to give my kids some fun and happy experience as much as i could. I know i’m lucky and blessed because maybe not everyone be able to do so but i think it’s a choice. That’s are my version. I’m not comparing my self to others and everyone can have their own version also. So i just feel need to share, maybe our favorite activities are match for others.

I know they’ll be happy just to playing bicycle, basketball or swimming with their friends at home. But this is the holiday. Just one time in a year. I think they’re deserved more. I even not giving them pencil or paper work at all because i believe it’s time to plaaaaaayyy 😍

And i guess i had a big success since i got a compliment from Anelka as i wrote at the beginning. That’s what matters.

Welcome back to school, Kids! ❀️

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3 thoughts on “Best holiday everrrr”

  1. Hi Ibu,

    I salute you, such a busy and constructive holiday! It sounds so much fun, and you avoided the malls ! We would be very interested in the EFK program, do you have a contact or details ? You can just email me at hos@svp.sch.id if you like.


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